Hans Wissema: academic, consultant, mentor, writer

Hans Wissema is Professor Emeritus at the Technology University in Delft, the Netherlands, Managing Director of Wissema Consulting Ltd and Chair of DIWA Foundation. He studied chemical engineering and control engineering in the Netherlands and the UK and received his PhD from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. All his life Prof. Wissema has combined his academic work with a consultancy career in the field of management, innovation and entrepreneurship. He also held a chair in Strategic Management at Nijenrode Business University in the Netherlands and has been an entrepreneur himself, establishing his own consulting firms.

Education and career

Prof. Wissema has advised numerous large and small companies, public organisations and universities.  He is the author of sixteen books and numerous articles on management and policy issues including many that have been translated from the original Dutch or English.

Consulting to companies and policy consulting

Prof. Wissema’s current focus is on innovation policy, higher education policy and management of universities. His book Towards the Third Generation University has been translated into five languages. Universities in Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Columbia, Thailand, India and Indonesia have taken on board the wisdom of this book in developing their strategy for the future.

The Third Generation University

In the course of his career, Hans Wissema founded and chaired a number of societies and foundations in private equity, technostarters and SME development in the Netherlands and abroad. He was a board member of several management societies and management publications, including IEEE Transactions on Transactions on Engineering Management and Long Range Planning. He was the founder, first President, and now honorary member of the Amsterdam Private Equity Club in the Netherlands.

Other activities

Since early in his career, Hans Wissema has been acting as a mentor to managers, students and others who have come his way. This has given him vast knowledge about human nature. His experiences were published in his book Siberian Lessons on Life, Love and Death.

Mentoring activities and lessons for life