Book launch in Bulgaria

On February 22nd, the Siberian Lessons on Life, Love and Death were launched at an event organised by Kibea Publishers at helicon Bookstore, Blvd Tsar Osvoboditel in Sofia. This was an excellent location, launching a book in the middle of so many other books and enjoying the great hospitality of Helikon. With some sixty people present, the meeting was kicked off by Kibea director Mariyana Zlatareva, who mentioned the way she and the author met and how they came to publish the book. Ecorys director Julia Djarova then gave her impression on the book and read a passage to the audience. Finally, author Hans Wissema told how the book was conceived and how it developed over time. After that, he answered questions from the audience and signed copies sold, always a happy moment for an author! A short film was made oaf the event and uploaded on YouTube; you can find the link under the YouTube button on the home page of this site.

On Friday March 22nd, there will be an event at the Helikon Bookshop in Plovdiv.


In March 2013, we visited India for a week on the occasion of the opening of the Ecorys office in New Delhi. We went to see clients in New Delhi, Bangalore and Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh - with 200 million inhabitants the sixthe most populous state in the world, were it independent. With over sixty people already at work, the office made a kick-start and the opening ceremony in the Nehru Place Hilton was quite impressive with some hundred guests and many prominent speakers, including the Dutch ambassador. 

It was my third visit to India, the earlier visits were in 1975 and 1985 and the differences were most notable. There were brnad new airports, including the international airport of New Delhi, many motorways and New Delhi is one large construction site, reminiscent of Berlin but then at a much larger scale. What had not changed was the kindness of the Indians, which made this visit, as it did the earlier ones, a great pleasure.

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