Enhancing the effectiveness of companies and policies

The essence of entrepreneurship is creating something new. The essence of management is adapting to (expected) changing circumstances. Entrepreneurs as well as managers periodically need to review their vision of what they plan to achieve. Subsequently, they may need to change their governance structure, organisational structure and/or attitudes towards innovation. It is in these areas that Wissema Consulting Ltd can offer assistance.

Entrepreneuring means adapting to changing circumstances and opportunities and this requires strategy

Reports, however intelligent, do not lead to change. We favour quick solutions in consultation with management. We start with a quick audit by interviewing key players and analysing documentation. We then anchor a conference in which management and consultants participate. The outcome of the conference is not only the required solution but also the design of a process of change. Our interventions typically take two or three weeks. In the case of start-ups and young companies, this can be considerably shorter. If managers do not need the consulting approach, they can use our mentoring services

We have worked for hundreds of companies of virtually all branches of industry. Our approach is fresh, direct and respectful. This also applies to our efforts to solve problems within Boards of Management or Supervisory Boards, or conflicts between them.

Strategy then translates into change, assisted by consulting or mentoring

Preparing innovation or higher education policies requires larger teams of experts and more time. We have advised various European countries on these issues, based on long and solid experience.

Policy consulting requires an international scale

Each assignment starts with the personal contact between the responsible manager and the consultant. If you are considering using our services, get in touch and we will meet and see whether it ‘clicks’.

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